The Best Kept Peak Performance Secret in World Sport.

“My passion is in seeing and being a part of people’s success. I work with some of the best athlete’s in the world and business leaders to maximise performance”.

“My mission is to empower people to change the way they think, believe and behave in a way that empowers others. A simple statement, yet by helping one person to achieve success in their life, it does have the ripple effect and those around them are also driven to action and success.”

For the past 11 years, Stuart Walter has served as a Professional Hypnotherapist and NLP specialist for elite athletes, business owners and individuals around Australia to be a better version of themselves.

Regarded as Australia’s #1 for sports hypnosis and NLP, and with 32 World Champions as clients, who would argue?

Stuart has directly impacted the lives of thousandsof people.Highly respected as an authority for developing systems and strategies for accelerated and lasting transformations. Around Australia and now building demand overseas in Europe, Stuart is sought after by sports coaches, elite athletes and business owners for mindset success training.

That is why he was named the Athlete’s Secret Weapon’ by one of his successful Olympic clients. When interviewed about her Silver Medal success in London 2012, as ‘My Secret Weapon’ and the name stuck!
Place Stuart on a stage in front of an audience and he really shines, the ability to connect and empower a crowd has to be seen to be believed. Laughter, motivation and tears always the result as he uses his natural abilities to get to issues and breakthrough and generally so subtly you don’t know it has happened…until it has.

None of this over hyped motivational ra ra ra that lasts for 3 days… Stuart transforms lives as he speaks.

His difference is the ability to tap into and work the unconscious mind that is 95% of how we think act and behave. Getting into the part of the mind that allows new decisions to be made and long lasting and immediate change is the result.

He is a published Author and his book ‘The Dear Diary Process’ is transforming lives around the world overnight. This powerful process integrates all the self-development and motivational products and programs into 1, creating long lasting change and motivation to keep achieving.

Over the last 11 years Stuart has been President or Vice President of AAPHAN (Australian Association for Professional Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners) and integral as a part of the working party setting up the National Peak body of Hypnotherapy to bring this amazing form of transformation to the public in a safe and professional manner.

Stuart’s Products and programs are created for peak performance mindset and mental strength.
Stuart is a results driven practitioner and has fun delivering personal and team programs. Built into all programs are awareness, change, integration and future aligning processes and unique techniques that Stuart himself created and developed. As he says, “Why spend years changing when you can do it in an hour?”

“If only people believed the results I get in the consultation alone, there would be a consistent line up out the door! And if everyone put aside their beliefs around hypnosis and explored this as a safe, legal and fast way to achieve long term success, sport and the individual athletes would be so much better off, physically, emotionally and financially” Stuart