Breakfast of Champions Thursday 7:30am – 8:30am ONLY – BRONZE

Available from May 18 11:23 PM to Jun 14 12:00 PM

This Ticket is for the Thursday Breakfast only – The Breakfast of Champions The First Step “AWARENESS” to reaching your next level – Learn the way your mind thinks and new techniques to master your mind in sport for even better result

Champions Workshop Only – SILVER

Available from May 18 11:29 PM to Jun 15 12:00 PM

Champions Workshop – Friday the 15th of June 9am – 12pm The Second step “CHANGE” – An in-depth look at the human mind for peak performance, an interactive workshop – Learn and apply specifc tools and techniques to take control.

The GOLD Medalist – Event Value Package

Available from May 18 11:32 PM to Jun 14 12:00 PM

This Ticket comes with Awesome value it will take you through the 3 steps for you to go to your next level – 15th and 16th June 12:30pm – 2pm Included is Breakfast “AWARENESS”, Workshop “CHANGE” & “INTEGRATION” a BONUS 90min breakthrough session – Experience the power of the mind and integration of change through specic tools and techniques for peak performance.

The V.I.P Package

Available from May 18 11:38 PM to Jun 14 12:00 PM

The VIP Package is all about “ACCELERATION” If your serious about taking your performance to the next level and you want all the events and extra bonuses to fast track your results, including a personalised 1 on 1 session with Stuart this is your ticket!